Lots of Things Happening

Today my contractor and I will be meeting with the city to submit our plans. I’m a bit nervous about this, seeing that I drew up the plans, and I’m not an architect. These are minor changes, such as floor drains, a new electrical panel, and extending the plumbing, so hopefully the city will have mercy on my crappy drawings. I’ve been in contact with the building department and the inspector, so I think they know what we are doing for the most part. We’ll see how that goes.

The ABC called me yesterday to tell me my application is almost complete. They need to come by on Wednesday and make sure I’m not running a restaurant there, and we’re still waiting on the Board of Equalization to cash my excise tax bond. Otherwise, we should be good to go. Technically, I need to start brewing within 30 days of having the license, so a bit of a delay for the ABC license wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Also, the homebrew contest is getting a lot of positive attention. We’ll likely have international entries, which is pretty cool, and a few newspapers are looking into writing articles about it. It should be a fun competition. I’m hoping to get over 100 entries, but if I had to guess today, I’d say we’ll get 60 entries.

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