Looking for a location, deciding on equipment

I’m currently looking for a location to house the brewery. I’m limiting my search to Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Fullerton and Lake Forest for the time being as they seem to be the most agreeable with having a brewery in their city. I’m looking at industrial ‘warehouse’-type properties in the 2000 s.f. to 3500 s.f. range with minimal office space. One of my hurdles is finding a place with floor drains already installed. The budget I have set out doesn’t allow too much leeway in terms of tenant improvements, so I’m hoping to get lucky and find a place where only minimal improvements are needed. If you have any ideas, please post ’em!

As for equipment, I’ve found my brewhouse. It is a 20 hL brewery previously used by Mendocino Brewery, I believe in their Hopland brewpub. It’s fairly old and manual, but it was priced well and I think it’ll make great beer. It is simple and I’ll be able to claim that I’m exercising while brewing on it, because that will be the case! It includes the mashtun, kettle, and whirlpool, so I’ll have to piece everything else together.

The plan is to brew the first batch in September. That would require me being able to move into a place by May, so I hope to find something soon.

The picture of the mashtun with the kettle and whirlpool behind it. Glamorous? Not now, but it will be!

Next time, I’ll post about the beers I hope to brew in September.

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