Lesson #346

I went to the City today for plan check, and found I needed the Health Department approval first! I should have expected this, not sure why I didn’t. I submitted my plans to health last week, so they’ll have a response within 3 weeks or so from today. I’m going to do as much work as I can in the meantime while I’m waiting on that.

On a positive note, the 3 phase 200 amp electrical service installation started today, which should be completed by Wednesday. I’m tying into an existing line about 90 feet from my space, so conduit is being run along the roofline.

On a less than positive (somewhat neutral note), I won’t be submitting anything into the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) or be serving at Stone’s 11th Anniversary. It’s too early to get my beers out there at this point, but there’s always next year! I’ll be attending both events and can’t wait.

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