Learn 5 Things About Belgium’s Cuisine

When we think of Belgian food of course the waffles, chocolates, and beer come to mind. But Belgium has contributed a looooooot of other dishes to the culinary world (and most all of them seem to come with fries, according to our own Benjamin).

Here are five of the most delicious ones we’ve found, and some we even tried for ourselves when our team went to Belgium last year.

Moules-frites. AKA a pot of cooked or steamed mussels and fries, sometimes referred to as Belgium’s national dish.


Waterzooi. A dish originating from Ghent, this stew is usually made with fish (or sometimes chicken for Kippenwaterzooi), cream, vegetable stock, and veggies & herbs


Carbonnade flamande. Another stew made with beef, beer and served with bread or fries & mustard.


Lapin à la gueuze. This dish is made with rabbit and the deliciously tart and funky gueuze that is a favorite of Belgian beer fans.


Filet Américain. For a more adventurous eater, or someone who really likes steak tartare, Filet American is raw ground beef, served on a roll or on its own.

Bonus: Enjoy this recipe for Saison Rue Beer Chicken by our own belgian friend of Belgian Beer Geek!

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