LA Beer Week

We’re distributed in quite a few cities that run great beer weeks throughout the year and we’ve always been jealous that we didn’t have anything of the same level in our back yard.  While LA isn’t our homebase, it’s a pretty close neighbor and we’re very excited for the 2nd annual LA Beer Week.  Last year there were some really fun events and a lot of restaurants and bars ran some great promotions, but this year seems to be miles ahead of what we saw in the past.  There are more events than a single beer geek could possibly attend within the two weeks of LA Beer Week (ya, two weeks, someone must have been drinking when they came up with that concept).   
We’ve got a number of events planned both in LA and OC for LA Beer Week as do many of our favorite craft breweries both from SoCal and around the country.  Browse through the events calendar on their webpage and find some events in your neighborhood, there are bound to be a few that catch your interest.  
Can’t wait to see some of our fans out and about as we circle the LA/OC area these coming weeks!

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