Korean BBQ Tacos at The Bruery?!?!

We usually wait until later in the week to get info on the Tasting Room, but I just couldn’t wait for Stef to reveal this week’s super awesomeness. After hoping and praying for months and months, the super famous Kogi BBQ truck will be parking outside of The Bruery this Friday from 6pm to 9pm!
For those who aren’t familiar with Kogi, they are single handedly responsible for the recent food truck craze in Los Angeles. Their incredible Chef Roy Choi has combined the sweet and spicy flavors of Korean BBQ with the savory handheld meals that Mexico is so famous for. Short rib tacos, Korean breakfast burritos, kimchi quesadillas…its all incredible and will all be available right outside the Tasting Room doors!
If you have never tried Kogi, this is a great chance. If you have never been to our Tasting Room, this is an incredible chance. And if you ever wondered how many tacos each member of our staff can eat, this is a stupendous chance to watch us all gorge on deliciousness and then wash it all down with a beer. I’m thinking Rugbrød might help relieve my tongue of the spice…but we’ll have to figure out that night what pairs best with a black jack quesadilla.
For those who want some more info on Kogi, here is a fun video.
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