Is this why they call it the “Babble Belt”?

Serious Belgian beer lovers and homebrewers are regulars of the Burgundian Babble Belt, so I thought it would be appropriate to let the knowledgeable homebrewing message board members know about the “Batch No. 01” competition. There’s some interesting discussion about the language I included in the entry form:

“The Bruery intends to produce this batch as a one time offering, although we reserve the right to brew this recipe as a year-round or a seasonal offering without further compensation to the winning brewer.”

It came to the attention of one that this gives me free reign to take the winning homebrewers recipe and run with it. That person is right, it does give me the ability to do just that. Law school taught me that I need to CMA (cover my ass), and I don’t think I should have to pay royalties for a recipe, especially when it was freely submitted to me in the first place. I explained myself and my intent behind this contest, and some people came to support my point of view. It’s a pretty interesting read if you’re having a slow day:

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