How to Make Joel Jorts

Our staff isn’t shy about their crafting abilities (or lack thereof). They’re also not shy about showing a little leg with the beautiful CA climate we get to enjoy here in Orange County. During our particularly hot & unusually humid summer this year, Joel Kennedy moved his life from Wisconsin to join our marketing staff as the very talented man behind The Bruery Tasting Room and Bruery Societies marketing. Thanks to Joel, we’ll be likely be seeing some even more fantastic fashion around our brewery.

The climate wasn’t a shock when I got here. I knew it’d essentially be summertime year-round; that the days of multiple winter coats, scarves and sub-zero tundra were over. That was a huge impetus for the move from Wisconsin to Southern California. And when I did so, I packed accordingly, leaving the heaviest garments behind.

Yet I still brought plenty of pairs of jeans and pants with me. But since moving to California several months ago, I’ve worn shorts nearly every day (with zero color on my legs to show for it, I might add). So with less need to rock the full length denim, it was time to do something crafty and, at the same time, make my lower hemisphere threads more functional and appropriate for the time. It was time to make some shorts. Out of jeans. It was time for jorts.

the bruery camp whalez joel jorts


  • • A pair (or two or ten) of jeans
  • • Black permanent marker
  • • Scissors
  • • Beer


  1. 1. Take a pair of jeans, preferably a pair with fraying bottoms or stains and holes around the knees.
  2. 2. Approximate your thigh and draw a line to denote the intended length of the jorts. Repeat on your other leg. Note: the higher any stains appear on your jeans, the higher the cut required.
  3. 3. Take a pair of scissors and cut off the right leg semi-jaggedly. Tear the jeans apart with your hands in between cuts for a real rustic look.
  4. 4. Repeat on the right side, but cut about .5” higher than the trace line to keep the right and left side slightly uneven. Bonus points if you can cut enough to get a pocket to show.
  5. 5. Try ‘em on and make any necessary alterations while you’re wearing them.
  6. 6. Voila. Now you have jorts.

the bruery campwhalez crafts joel jorts

Post written by Joel Kennedy, our direct channel marketing manager. When Joel’s not rocking the social channels for our Society members and Tasting Room (or jorts, for that matter), you can find him hanging with his family, hitting taco Tuesday, drinking beer and avoiding session IPAs.


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