how do you say Rugbrød?

Many people have been asking how exactly you pronounce the name of our new beer, Rugbrød. As you probably know by now, rugbrød is the Danish word for rye bread, which we decided was an appropriate name for our new juylberg style Danish beer that is brewed with 30% rye malt and resembles the dark brown, dense rye bread of Scandinavia in both smell and taste.

Well, here to help you with your pronunciation issues are a bunch of fellow beer lovers as well as members of The Bruery team and even a few cameo’s from the Stone Brewery team and elsewhere. Good luck! And if you are feeling extra confident in your pronunciation, feel free to tape yourself, post it to youtube and post the link in the comments!!!

The Bruery – Rugbrød Pronunciation from benjamin weiss on Vimeo.

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