Happy August!

You know when you can’t tell what day it is, or you forget what month it is? I am now reminded by a menstrual cycle known as rent. Progress is being made, so it shouldn’t be too many more months of paying rent without any beer being sold.

I received 21,000 bottles of bulk glass yesterday from California Glass. That’s 20 pallets of glass, each pallet costing more than I want to think about. I was very nervous I was going to topple one over as they are structurally not so stable. They are just layers upon layers of bottles with cardboard in between that are then plastic wrapped a few times, strapped to a pallet. I learned quickly how to be more gentle on the forklift.

Rachel and I had a fun day on Saturday visiting a few San Diego breweries. We went to Oceanside Aleworks, Alesmith, and Port Brewing / Lost Abbey. Our main purpose was for me to check out how the ground loading cargo doors are separated from the brewing area (research for our health department permit) and for her to check out tasting rooms. We won’t be opening a tasting room initially, but Rachel is very interested in designing something very cool and unique when we do open one. On the previous Thursday, I did the same ‘research’ at Craftsman Brewing and Skyscraper Brewing, and paid a nice visit to Tyler at BJ’s West Covina brewery. Thanks to Peter, Tomme, Mark and Phil for letting me check out their breweries!

Julian’s dog (forgot your name, Pooch!) sitting under Tomme’s chair at Lost Abbey.

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