Finding Our Beers

Last week Tyler and I spent a bit of time going around to different potential accounts, and I’m pleased to report that beer is available around town.  A few more will be added next week, and hopefully dozens more once we have a distributor (we’re working on it).  Here’s the list now:

Beachwood BBQ – Rotating keg selection, had on Black Orchard as of Thursday
Hollingshead Deli – Everything we bottle, perhaps Black Orchard is still on tap
Hi Times Wine Cellar- Everything we bottle, delivering on Tuesday
Tustin Brewing Co- Saison Rue in bottles
Lone Hill Liquor- Everything we bottle
Walnut Liquorette- Everything we bottle
These are some of the great beer institutions in Southern California, so I’m very excited to see our beers here.  For the great beer places you don’t see on this list, I’m working on it!  Having the beer distributed by someone else will make my life much easier.
A full list is maintained at

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