Feeding The Beast

Black Tuesday has yet to be released, but we’ve already got next year’s batch fermenting away and we’re trying to make it even bigger and better than what’s already been tasted by a lucky few. Tyler pried the lid off of the fermenter in order to feed sugars and nutrients to Black Tuesday and the beer eagerly ate it up while spitting up on him like a giant baby. Luckily, this baby will eventually grow into a 20% alcohol imperial stout for us all to enjoy in October of 2010.

For those who haven’t had a chance to try Black Tuesday from our tasting room, here are a couple of the reviews it is already garnering from beeradvocate and ratebeer reviewers:

One of a handful of beers I could legitimately call the best I’ve ever had.
-Overlord, Beeradvocate.com

Absolutely amazing. Gets better and better the more you drink. Wow.
-Mspindler, Ratebeer.com

Among, if not the best Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout/Strong Ale that’s out there. If they produce it every year as they say they will, this will be a stalwart in the Top 100. I predict a perch in the Top 10 once enough people get to try it.
-Alexd3891, BeerAdvocate.com

A big big thank you to those three drinkers and to all of our loyal fans who are giving us good reviews on their beeradvocate and ratebeer accounts as well as through their blogs, publications and word of mouth. When we read reviews like the ones above or hear people’s compliments, it makes us all happy to be brewing beer and gets us excited to try new things. Thanks!

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