Construction update

I am just about ready to submit our plans for permit to start construction on the brewery. I submitted the plans I put together to my contractor and he’s getting bids from the electrician, plumber and concrete guy. Hopefully I’ll see some numbers today and we can get the plans to the City and County Health. We’ll be able to submit the plans to the City over the counter, which means I’ll bring in the plans with the contractor to the Building Department, they will look them over, comment on what needs to be added, and hopefully we can add those to the plans on the spot and get them approved in the same visit. County Health will likely take the plans and spend several days looking over them.

Yesterday I moved most of the equipment to the other side of the warehouse in anticipation of the construction. My green forklift did an outstanding job. The only things I didn’t move were the mash tun and boil kettle, as those are a little too large and tricky to move myself. They also need to have some work done to them, so they’ll be kept in a different area from the rest of the equipment for now.

I can’t wait until the concrete is torn up and things start happening!

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