Cheers to Phil!

Earlier this week I eMailed Phil Sutton, President / Brewer for Skyscraper Brewing Co., if I could come to his brewery and spend some time with him looking over my budget and ask him a bunch of questions. Phil gladly obliged, and I went over there yesterday. He helped me out a ton. I’m fairly clueless when it comes to a lot of what it takes to open a brewery, and Phil has done a great job with putting together Skyscraper.

It’s been said before ad nauseum by others, but craft brewers really are very helpful to one another. They don’t see each other as competition, but rather as partners in a common goal, and most would like to see other craft brewers succeed. I hope the industry stays this way– I know I’ll do my share when I have something to contribute.

Thank you Phil for your help!

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