Charlotte’s Beer

We’re brewing a very unique beer today at The Bruery in honor of the newest member of the Famille Rue. Charlotte Rue was born 11 days ago to very happy parents Patrick and Rachel Rue and what better way to celebrate than with a monstrous beer.
The plan is to make this a beer for Charlotte to enjoy herself one day, so we are brewing what we’re calling a “bourbon beer”. In typical bourbon fashion, we are using a 51% corn mash and that, along with the other malts and sugars, we are hoping will bring this beer somewhere close to 23% or perhaps higher in alcohol. The primary reason we need the gravity on this beer to be so high is because we now plan on aging it in brand new, dark charred barrels for 21 years – ready to be drunk on Charlotte’s 21st birthday. Over time, the beer should pick up flavor and color from the char in the same way as a good bourbon would and the final result will be a very strong beer tasting similar to a fine whiskey.
Like many of our beers, this is going to be an interesting experiment and you’ll have to stick with us until 2032 to find out what the end result is. Sorry about the wait.

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