This year for our Batch 300 contest we are donating the $10 entry fee to a local clinic called Lestonnac. They are a free medical clinic that provides care for the poorest of the poor in Orange County.

Yesterday, Patrick and Benjamin had a chance to go down and visit the clinic to learn a few things about what they are doing and we were incredibly impressed. The clinic provides everything from dental care to general medical care to minor surgeries to pharmaceutical needs to psychiatric care to prenatal care. They even have a food drive on Thursdays and run a toy drive over the holidays where the director of the clinic dress up like Santa and rides in on a sleigh. Wow.
We also learned that the majority of the money we raise through the contest will be going specifically to a 4 year old boy who desperately needs surgery to keep from going deaf. He is currently hearing at only about 70% and that will continue to decline if he doesn’t get treatment. With our funds, plus the support of a local hospital’s surgery staff, we will be able to restore his hearing and keep him healthy. Pretty amazing what a few homebrewed batches of beer can do!
We are really looking forward to working with Lestonnac on this project and hopefully for future charitable events.
Good luck to all of you in the contest and thank you for your donations!
By the way, if you are not a homebrewer and are just interested in supporting Lestonnac, you can simply mail a check for any amount you choose and we’ll include it with our entry fee donations. Simply write the check to The Bruery and write “donation, no entry” on the comment line. Send attn: Batch 300 to 715 Dunn Way, Placentia CA 92870
And of course, if you are entering the contest, you can always send a check for more money than the required $10 if you so choose.

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