Celebrator Beer Magazine Mention

Rachel and I were very excited that we got our first mention in a publication! Here’s what was written about us in the August/September 2007 issue of Celebrator in the “Beer Behind The Orange Curtain” section, written by Ed Heethuis:

“Orange County is slated to welcome another brewery in October… another Bruery, to be exact. The nme is a combination of the traditional spelling and owner/brewer Patrick Rue’s surname. Located in Placentia, The Bruery is holding a competition to determine what beer will be brewed for the first batch. Patrick could not decide which beer to make first, so his wife and business partner, Rachel, suggested holding a homebrew contest as a way of honoring their homebrew roots.

Entries are due August 24, and the styles are restricted to Belgian and French Ale, Belgian Strong Ale and Specialty Beer (BJCP categories 16, 18, and 23, respectively). The beer may or may not be brewed as a regular offering, but the winning homebrewer will always have the distinction of having created the recipe for the first batch! Go to thebruery.com for drop-off locations and other details.

We wish Pat and Rachel all the best with this new endeavor and would like to remind them that any and all wisdom they may seek may be found within Karl Zappa’s 100-Year Plan.”

I’ll have to ask Karl what this 100-Year Plan is. What a great article Ed, thanks for covering us!

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