Brues, Q’s, and food at the Tasting Room

At The Bruery, we love good food almost as much as we love good beer. Of course the beauty of that is we can have our food and drink beer too. This weekend at the Tasting Room, we’ll have plenty of both.

Friday night, Piaggio on Wheels will be in town with their Argentine cuisine. Piaggio’s been by before, bringing with him delicious interpretations of South American specialties, and we’ve always enjoyed it. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is definitely a good time to do it. Look for the truck outside the Tasting Room on Friday night for dinner.

Saturday our friends at Kogi BBQ will be bringing the truck down to dispense the wonderful Korean barbeque that we all know and love. I know I can’t get enough of that Blackjack Quesadilla (my favorite!), so as always we’ll be looking forward to their amazing food.

Sunday, we’re going to try a little something new. We think good beer is a great compliment to a fun game, so we’ll be hosting Brues & Q’s this weekend. We’ve got trivia from lots of different categories, including beer!

For example, do you know which US president was once a pitch man for PBR? Or which US state has never had a brewery?? You’ll have to play to find out! Don’t worry though, if you’re not super beer savvy there’s other categories as well. So bring your your wits – and your witty friends, because we’ll be playing with teams – and see what kind of goodness we give out as prizes. We’ll get this going at 2 pm.

This weekend, we’re pouring:

Orchard White (available for growlers)

Rugbrød (available for growlers)

Saison Rue

Saison De Lente (Reserve Society growlers)

Melange No. Sechs (Reserve Society growlers)

White Oak & Oude Tart – bottle only

See you there!

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