Bruery Radio™: Why We Love Humulus Terreux

Just about every weekday around 4pm at the Bruery Terreux Tasting Room, y0u’ll find a group of Terreux cellar staff drinking the same lightly hazy, blonde beer.  As you approach the friendly dudes, you’ll smell a barnyard funk in the air and the scent of mango and blueberry laden hops.  That’s not the day of hard work you smell.  You’re smelling their post-shift beer, Humulus Terreux.

A favorite among Bruers (the title given to all team members of The Bruery), Humulus Terreux is one of those beers that we can’t get enough of.  It’s refreshing, yet has the complexity you’d want in a funky, farmhouse-style beer.  Fermented with 100% brettanomyces (brett drei, brett trois, and bottle conditioned with brett brux), and dry hopped with Mosaic.  The dry hop changes annually so there’s a slight evolution in flavor.

The rest of the beer world ignores Humulus Terreux in favor of Terreux beers that explode with tartness.  Reading through reviews on Untappd, you’ll see glowing 4.5 and 5 star reviews amidst .5 and 1 star reviews (  The biggest knock against this beer is that it isn’t sour, and we’ve well branded Bruery Terreux to be all things sour.  We’ve also heard that the name “Humulus Terreux” is terrible.  I’ve even witnessed folks call it Hummus Terreux… hmm, the beer would be good with falafel!

Ah well… we’ll keep making this beer for ourselves, and perhaps the few that crave the funk of brett and an explosion of hops.


P.S.– Thanks to Pints and Panels for the awesome review!  Em– you have great taste!

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