Bruery Radio™: Phoenix of Linkin Park Loves The Bruery

The first time I met Dave Farrell (aka Phoenix) of Linkin Park was at a beautiful wedding in Maui.  He was a groomsman for our mutual friend, Sean, who married my wife’s cousin, Kathryn.  After a week in Maui attending the same events, I don’t recall having any conversations with him.  I was starstruck and unworthy to talk to him!  Plus, what the hell would I talk to him about?

A few years later, Sean brought Dave over to The Bruery to try some beers and take a tour.  Dave instantly became a fan, and has since become a Reserve Society member, and we’ve kept in touch (usually through our mutual friend, Sean.  Sorry Sean!).  I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with Dave a few times since, and he’s a wonderful, thoughtful, modest guy.  When I asked whether he’d be interested in coming into my fledgling podcast, he thankfully accepted!

On the podcast, Dave and I talk about a lot of random topics.  We talk about his beer preferences, the necessity of solo’ing 750mL bottles of strong beers, how Dave can become a Hoarders Society member, the most famous musicians he’s ever met, and Linkin Park’s charity, Music for Relief.  As we toast to Chester, lead singer of Linkin Park who recently passed, he opens up about how he’s dealing with Chester’s absence.

Dave also curated a 3 pack of beers that fit what he loves about The Bruery.  We’re calling this the “Lord Phoenix Pack”.  Why is it named that?  You’ll have to listen to the podcast.  We’ll be donating $10 per pack to Music for Relief, Linkin Park’s charity that’s engaged in disaster relief, famine relief in East Africa, and protecting the environment.  The pack has three bottles: Chocolate Rain, Chronology: 24 (Wee Heavy), and The Grade.  Dave enjoys bigger barrel aged beers, and loves the maple flavors in The Grade.  He also signed the Chocolate Rain bottles! I didn’t have enough foresight to have him sign them when he visited for the podcast, so we spent an hour last Saturday evening signing them in his driveway.

Thanks to Dave for being on Bruery Radio!



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