Bruery Radio™: Meet Darren Moser

In the coming weeks, I’ll be interviewing the people who make it all happen at The Bruery, Bruery Terreux and Offshoot Beer Co. Brewers, lab scientists, accountants, bartenders… they all play an important role here, and all have interesting stories to share!

The first guy you’ll get to meet is Darren Moser, Production Manager at The Bruery. Darren is a very accomplished yet humble guy. He’s brought his experience from the several great breweries he’s worked in production leadership roles, and has made many contributions in the short time (just over a year) that he’s been at The Bruery. He’s also a new Dad!

I sit down with Darren and we talk about where he came from, how The Bruery differs from the other breweries he’s worked at, and he surprises me with his answer to the oddest ingredient he’s brewed with.

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