Bruery Radio™: Jay Goodwin, The Rare Barrel

My good friend Jay Goodwin, Co-Founder of The Rare Barrel and former Bruer, came on Bruery Radio to discuss the good ol’ days at The Bruery, what he’s up to at The Rare Barrel, and we talk generally about what’s going on in the world of sour beer.   Jay moved his way up from doing basically anything and everything at The Bruery, to becoming a brewer, and then given the responsibility of our barrel program.  Since then, he started the phenomenal The Rare Barrel in Berkeley, CA, and frequently shares his knowledge of sour beer on The Sour Hour, a podcast he hosts on The Brewing Network.

The picture is Jay holding my daughter, Charlotte, right after she was born over 7 years ago!  He brewed Charlotte’s Beer that day, a beer that is being aged for 21 years for her 21st birthday.  I love the shirt he made for the day!

Jay will always be part of Famille Rue, and we’re very proud of the great guy he is and for all he’s accomplished.


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