Brace Yourself: Friday Oct. 2 brings #BABeerDay 2015

This Friday 10/2 is Barrel Aged Beer Day!

On the first Barrel Aged Beer Day in 2013 we got folks from all around the world to raise a snifter. The time has come to do it again!

When tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, or untapping any barrel aged beer on Friday use the hashtag #BABeerDay.

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Just about every beer style seems to have a day established with some kind of hashtag to go with it, but it’s about time barrel aged beers get the spotlight. Barrel aged beers showcase a vast, and often rather intense, spectrum of flavors — from quenching sours to decadent stouts.

The care and attention required to properly care for a barrel program is an oft overlooked piece of the BA beer puzzle. Each time we sip on a barrel aged beer, we’re savoring the investment of time, energy, and capital that went into it. And the work doesn’t stop there: breweries strive to master the ideal blend of barrels by tasting through each and every vessel, seeking the ideal flavors to make the perfect end result.

It seems that breweries of just about any size have or are developing some kind of barrel program that fans are waiting to try with baited breath. Barrel aged beer is growing now more than ever before, and the creativity we’re seeing from this industry shows that barrel aging is not slowing down.

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Here’s how we will be celebrating this special day.

We’ll be toasting #BABeerDay on @thebruery, @brueryterreux, @thebruerytr and @bruerysocieties on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Barrel Aged Beer Day at The Bruery Tasting Room
We’re counting down the days until the First Friday of October with special tappings and bottles all week. Visit The Bruery Tasting Room on Facebook for updates. On Friday, we’ll have Chocolate Rain on draft, bottles sales of Bois, bottle sales of Mélange #3, First Firkin Friday with Meet the Bruer Jerry and his cask of 8 Maids a Milking with coffee & vanilla.

Barrel Aged Beer Day for Society Members
Members of our Preservation, Reserve and Hoarders Societies will get special access to bottle sales of Chocolate Rain on

Barrel Aged Beer Day with The Bruery in downtown Los Angeles
Benjamin and team will be at the Barrel Down with Wineification II, White Oak, Smoking Wood (mole variation), and Barrel Aged 6 Geese-A-Laying available.

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