Bought kegs

Two weeks ago I ranted about the high price of kegs, which I still stand by, but I did find some decently priced used kegs the other day and bought a bunch of them (168 of them to be exact). They are used 30L kegs (about 7.9 gallons) that were made by reputable keg manufacturers (Franke and Hackman) that were used for San Miguel beer in China. The valves were retrofitted for American Sankeys. I bought them for $65 each, a steal considering what others are going for right now. I like the size as well as many beer bars would prefer a smaller format for higher alcohol beers, which is what I’ll be specializing in. They’ll also be a bit easier on my back when I deliver them.

If anyone is interested in getting some of these, contact Frank Ma (626-318-2837), I think he has around 20 pallets left of them.

Here’s a ‘before and after’ picture of what the kegs looked like, and what they will look like:

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