Black Tuesday Update

I just wanted to update you on the status of Black Tuesday. It was bottled yesterday and I can report there is a healthy amount of carbonation in the bottles (2.5 volumes of Co2 for those interested). Since it has been in the barrels for a few more months than what has been already released, there is a bit more coconut and vanilla character. I personally like it quite a bit more.
I’ve heard a bit of concern about everyone getting bottles on the release date, and what time people should start arriving. We’ll have 1000 bottles for sale of Black Tuesday on 10/27 (not including the 660 allocated bottles), so roughly 333 people would have to want 3 bottles each to sell out. Even though there is tremendous demand for this beer, I have a tough time believing we’re going to get 333 people to show up on a Tuesday. If your plan is to arrive at 10 AM that day, please don’t. In the interest of our neighbors around The Bruery, please arrive after 4:30 PM. I’ll post this on our blog as well.

Also, if anyone’s interested in hotels, here’s some options:

— Marriott Fairfield & Residence Inn, which is about 2 blocks away from The Bruery (actually about 50 feet, but you’d have to hop a fence) is $85 per night.
— Holiday Inn Express (about 4 blocks away) is $80 per night.

These would both make great choices for pre and post get togethers and a place to crash for the night.

Only 20 days away, looking forward to seeing many of you!

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