Black Tuesday makes for an exciting Friday @ the Tasting Room.

There have been whispers about it for months, now here’s a little background about the infamous Barrel Aged Imperial Stout that you’ll have a chance to try today at the Tasting Room.

On the final Tuesday in October of 1929, a shroud of darkness swept over America as the stock market crashed for the fourth day in a row, leading way to the Great Depression.  Now, 80 years later and in the midst of our own depression, on the final Tuesday in October of 2009 that darkness is returning in the form of Black Tuesday imperial stout.

First brewed on an early morning some time ago, before the sun had the chance to rise, this stout wreaked havoc so great upon The Bruery that the day lasted long into the new moon. Wort spills, mash clogs, skin burns, stock losses and near catastrophe forcedBlack Tuesday to be shut off from humanity, bound to rest in oak barrels for well over a year. Now, after sleeping through most of the modern depression, the The Bruery has no choice but to unleash Black Tuesday upon the world.

Created on that now infamously dark Tuesday at The Bruery, using 2,500 pounds of grain, more than double any of the usual recipes, along with several different forms of sugar, Black Tuesday has grown into a massive, flavorful imperial stout that weighs in at a robust 19.5% alcohol.   Aged in bourbon barrels for over a year, this midnight black stout is full of flavor: vanilla, burnt caramel, toasted oak, licorice, prunes and sherry-like oxidation.
In these trying times, when all investments seem to end in tragedy, there is surely no better way to spend your hard earned money than on a bottle of deep, dark, delicious beer whose 19.5% alcohol content and smooth, sweet finish will sooth the pains when your bank goes under, you lose your job and your portfolio dives further below zero.  Plus, it’s a perfect candidate for your beer portfolio and is likely to appreciate in value with age.

Black Tuesday is a perfect beer to share with friends and foes alike as we make our way through this modern economic struggle.

So, now that you know a little about Black Tuesday, come to the Tasting Room today to try it and reserve your bottles.  We’ll have it on draft this afternoon AND we’ll be selling allocations of it.  The pre-sale price is $25/bottle (as opposed to $30 upon release, provided that there is still some left) so now’s a good time to invest! 

Please keep in mind that you do have to come down to The Bruery to get your allocation, we won’t be able to accommodate phone or email orders for Black Tuesday.

Don’t forget, White Oak and Papier are also pouring this weekend at the Tasting Room, so a special flight will be available of those three limited release beers.  

Also, this Sunday is the final date we’ll be accepting BEER AND BBQ COMPETITION entries.  The eternal glory will go to only one of you, so get your recipes in!!  Deliver your printed recipe either in person at the Tasting Room or email your entry to  We can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

See you at the Tasting Room!

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