Beer Releases and Approximate Dates

Some have asked what we’re coming out with in the future.  While I still want to keep some tricks under my sleeve (mostly just in case plans change), this will be what we’re seriously planning to release.  

Saison De Lente– Mid-February
Trade Winds Tripel– Late April
Autumn Maple– Late August
Two Turtle Doves– Late October
Special Releases (Small, brewery only releases):
– Cuvee Jeune: A young blended sour beer, release sometime in Spring/Summer when ready
– Papier: Our 1st anniversary beer, tentative release date of May 9th, brewery only release in 2009 (Approx. 16%)
– White Oak: Early summer, this barrel aged wheat wine is coming out very nicely (12% ABV)
Special Draft Releases:
For those in Southern California, Hottenroth Berliner Weisse is coming back in late January!  We brewed this batch a bit differently this time around, so it’s a bit more tart and a bit less grainy.  Same ABV of 3.1%, this is a great session beer.  I think we nailed it.
Around the same time we release Hottenroth Berliner Weisse, we’ll be releasing Humulus Ambre.  It’s a continuation of our hoppy Belgian-influenced beers, this time a moderate 6% and loaded with American hops.
Cask Releases:
We don’t plan these ones so much, but I can tell you about what we’ll be putting on this weekend and next month.  For the first Friday in January, we’ll have Humulus Gold, loaded with extra hops.  Which ones?  I forget, so you’ll have to come by and try it out.
In February, we’ll have Orchard Mole Poblano, Black Orchard aged with roasted cocoa nibs, roasted poblano peppers (with seeds removed), and cinnamon.  Think Black Orchard meets the delicious mole poblano sauce.
We have some other beers on the horizon, but I know they won’t be ready for some time.  We have an Imperial Stout aging in rye and bourbon barrels that’s approximately 18% ABV.  It’s coming along nicely but still needs quite a bit of age until it reaches what I’d consider it’s peak.  Our Flemish Red is coming along well but the funk is still developing in this one.  We brewed a beer with about 30% Zinfandel grapes and a base blonde strong ale which is aging in barrels. My best guess is we’ll release this around August or September.  I’d forget about these releases for awhile if you want to save your sanity, I certainly have.
For a few festivals and at the brewery, we’ll soon have Melange #3.  This is a blend of White Oak, Imperial Stout and Papier.  I’m excited about this one– I’m too impatient to try these barrel aged beers when they’re good and ready to be released, so this release is totally self serving.

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