Batch No. 50 Competition Results

The judges all had a fantastic time judging the 62 entries that came in for our second homebrew competition, the Batch No. 50 Competition. Thanks to all who entered. There is clearly some amazing talent in homebrewing community when it comes to Belgian-style and experimental beers, and we’re honored to have sampled these beers.

The results:
Category 16 – Belgian & French Style Ales
First: Oaked Strong Saison Hybrid, Kyle Manns, La Habra, CA
Second: Saison 566, Sean White, Brooklyn, NY
Third: De Dolle Clone, Rick Adams, Lakewood, CA
Category 17 – Sour Ale
First: Grand Funk Aleroad, Al Buck, Hillsborough, NJ
Second: Flanders Red, Bryan Smith, Torrance, CA
Third: Ich bin ein Berliner Weiss, Blair Howard, Rumsey, CA
Category 18 – Belgian Strong Ale
First: Mr. T’s 30 lb. Necklace, Sean White, Brooklyn, NY
Second: LT, Patrick Duke, Orange, CA
Third: Pleasuretrip, Todd Peterson, San Dimas, CA
Honorable Mention: Harvest Tripel, Patrick Miller, Portland, OR
Category 23 – Specialty Beer
First: Sourfest, Todd Peterson, San Dimas, CA
Second: Liquid Whole Wheat, Bryan Smith, Torrence, CA
Third: Wheat Chocolate, Jim Schmalzried, Garden Grove, CA
Honorable Mention: Citrus Blossom, Brent Brubaker, Riverside, CA
Best of Show (our 50th Batch of Beer): Grand Funk Aleroad, Al Buck, Hillsborough, NJ

Congratulations to all of the winners! We’re looking forward to brewing Batch No. 50 – Grand Funk Aleroad, it’s an amazing sour beer.
Thanks to the judges and the stewards (not in any particular order):
Mark Harris
Tyler King, The Bruery
Jonas Nemura, The Bruery
Cristian Sierra
Dave Moody, Backstreet Brewery
Andy Marshall, Black Market Brewery
Evan Price, Hangar 24 Brewery
Lyn Davidson
Brent Rahn
Jim Wilson
Brent Brubaker
Brad Nixon
Mitch Steele, Stone Brewing Co.
Jake Ratzke, Stone Brewing Co.
Hal Ward
Pete Bakulic
Brian Cockle
Bryan Tetzlaff
Jay Goodwin
Matt Staley
Ben Weiss
Thanks to Joan and Dennis Paul (my parents in law), who brought the food for the judges.
And a big thank you to Rachel Rue, who pretty much did everything. Cheers!

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