August = Spiced Beer Month at the Tasting Room

A new month means a new theme at The Bruery Tasting Room. It’s summery all year in CA, but Fall is fast approaching already which means the release of Autumn Maple and more beers full of palate pleasing spices you might find in your favorite foods!

Some special beers you can look forward to this month include our highly sought after, fast to kick, spicealicious horchata-inspired beer, aptly named Or Xata! We’ll be releasing this on draft, as well as White Chocolate, our wheatwine made with cocoa nibs & vanilla; Batch 1000 BRYEIAN, made with a winning recipe from Colorado-based homebrewers Brian Pramov and Bryan Keas; plus several fun randalls and pins sprinkled throughout the month as outlined below. Please note that these dates are subject to change as needed. We are a small craft brewery and sometimes our production schedule has to change unexpectedly!

August 1:  Mmm, you can almost smell that lovely yam through the screen.
We’re kicking the spice-loving off with Autumn Maple 2013 on draft for the first time this year! You can purchase this beer and have it shipped to you within CA via

We’re also taking your suggestions now for Wednesday’s Autumn Maple randall. Tell us what you want in that randall via Facebook and Twitter.

August 2: One of our most popular new beers is influenced by the well-loved Mexican rice beverage, horchata.

Or Xata, made with rice, vanilla, cinnamon and a bit of lactose, is a truly unique brew that defies beer style guidelines. We’re releasing it for sale here for the very first time!!! If that wasn’t enough, it’s also First Firkin Friday so we’ve brought back Gremlin and put him on some grapefruit. The Lime Truck will be here with tacos and eats that will pair perfectly with some Or Xata.

August 5: We have an Autumn Maple archive flight for the public and for Reserve Society Members only, a Batch 1000 BRYEIAN preview tasting! Update: This tapping has been rescheduled due to slight changes in our packaging schedule. While we want to let you know as far in advance as possible about upcoming tappings, we appreciate your understanding that there is a chance of small unforeseen changes in any craft brewery. We will let RS members know when this beer is all set and on tap to pour. Thank you for your patience!

August 7: Autumn Maple on a randall of your choice. Tell us you best and brightest ideas for a randall ingredients that would make Autumn Maple even more awesome via the Tasting Room Facebook and Twitter.

August 8: The Rolling Sushi Van rolls up tonight.

August 9: The Batch 1000 BRYEIAN release is here. We’ll have this Cascadian dark rye on draft for the public tonight. Seabirds will be here with tasty vegan eats to go with those hops!

August 10: Bourbon Smoking Wood … on a surprise randall.

August 11: A Bite Truck food truck.

August 14: Get your NaCl with our side-by-side tasters of Salt of the Earth, our gose beer made with coriander and truffle salt, plus Salty Weiss, a small gose batch Tyler made on our pilot system.

August 15: Ebony and Oak release! We’ve been on the hunt for a more sessionable yet still dark and stormy barrel aged stout so we just made our own. Ebony and Oak is our 8% bourbon barrel aged stout included in the current Preservation Society shipment. Come by to try it on draft and snatch a bottle while you’re here.

August 16: A new batch of White Chocolate has been blended for its 2013 release! Grab some Tamarindo truck bites when you come by to try it.

August 17: A Bite Truck is back

August 18: Saison Tonnellerie … on a surprise randall! This beer is our medal-winning, barrel fermented saison that was included in the Preservation Society’s first quarter shipment.

August 19: Try a side-by-side tasting of both White Chocolate 2012 and White Chocolate 2013.

August 21: Autumn Maple on a randall of your choice. Tell us your ideas on The Bruery Tasting Room Facebook page and Twitter (@thebruerytr) and then vote for the winner via our upcoming Facebook poll.

August 22: The Rolling Sushi Van returns.

August 23: White Chocolate 2013 on draft! This big beer will pair great with A Bite Truck’s Vegan Risotto made with coconut curry sauce, arborio rice, toasted coconut and blackberry gastrique.

August 24: Mystery spiced pin #1

August 29: Our “ChristmAugust” Flight features Five Golden Rings, barrel aged Four Calling Birds, plus our regular Four Calling Birds. A Bite Truck will be here to help you lay a solid base of eats to go with this big flight.

August 30: Mystery spiced pin #2

August 31: Mystery spiced pin #3 and one more keg of White Chocolate is getting tapped before we announce September’s theme. This bourbon barrel aged wheatwine can stand up to some pretty big flavors and will pair nicely with vegetarian tamales made from the Tamarindo food truck.

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If you live far away from us and you’re looking to get a bottle of Or Xata within CA shipped to you (and you wouldn’t mind some Black Tuesday, too) check out the Preservation Society for Quarter 3

And yes, that is Manny hand-roasting one of approximately a gazillion yams used in Autumn Maple.

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