Gettin' Krispy with Barrelworks

We’re bakin’ up a new sour ale— literally! Inspired by the flavors and aromas of a homemade apricot crisp, we worked with our friends at Firestone Walker Barrelworks in Buellton, CA to create Aprilcot Krisp, a sour ale with apricots, apples, cranberries, almonds, vanilla, and cinnamon.

The Concept

This beer is a collaboration in every sense of the word— from developing the blend, to creating handmade granola, the Sours J (Jeremy from The Bruery and Jim from Firestone) worked closely with each other and their respective teams to create Aprilcot Krisp.

Group photo of The Bruery and the Firestone Walker teams.

It shouldn't be a surprise that the inspiration here was an apricot crisp— we are fresh off the Pie Day Showdown, after all. But really, the concept was especially exciting for a sour ale; bringing the sweet-meets-tart flavors of a ripe apricot with the cinnamon bite in the summer dessert into a sour base beer was an exciting challenge for both teams.

The Granola

The first challenge in executing this concept was creating the perfect granola to finish the liquid on. Nothing a road trip can't solve! Jeremy and the team drove up the coast to Barrelworks' facility on the Central Coast, where they worked together to develop the recipe for the granola, creating it to their exact flavor and texture goals.


If we had smell-o-vision, trust that we'd use it here, because this granola smelled incredible. Dried fruit, honey, oats… what's not to love? (I, the blog writer, am very sad they didn't bring any samples back, but I suppose it all went to a good cause— this beer)

The Liquid

Pouring a bright, beautiful golden amber color, Aprilcot Krisp instantly looks as refreshing as it tastes. Aromas of apricot with hints of apple delight the nose, with hints of creamy cinnamon mixed in. This complex blend boasts a unique character from our homemade granola: dried fruit, hint of cinnamon, and a subtle creaminess. The addition of apples in the brew and apricots in the finish lends crisp, fresh, fruity character.

Tart and complex, the balance of fruit and near-cider flavor from apples in the brew are complemented by granola on the finish, providing an unexpected slight sweetness for a sour ale.

Closeup of pink and black Aprilcot Krisp label on the bottle with a glass of bright beer next to it.

Release Details

Aprilcot Krisp is releasing in early April to our Hoarders & Reserve Society members. Get details on the beer here, and learn more about our societies here.

(And, in case you're wondering about the photo… Jeremy was horsin' around on this collab trip. His pun, not mine.)