ABC License

Last Thursday I had my appointment to meet with an ABC representative and file my application. The Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) is a state-level agency that regulates who can sell alcohol in a certain state as well as enforcing laws dealing with sales to minors.

With the few breweries in Orange County, it was not surprising that they hadn’t dealt with a Type 23 license, which is for Small Beer Manufacturers. A few months ago before I found a location, I went to the ABC and picked up an application. Each license type has various forms needed to fill out, so what I had to fill out for a brewery is different than what a liquor store owner would have to fill out. Having the organizational structure as a Limited Liability Company also adds a few forms as well.

Once I signed the lease, I made an appointment to file my application with the ABC. My appointment date was 1.5 weeks from when I called, which is better than average for turnaround. I showed up for the appointment, waited for 30 minutes or so, then went through all of the forms with the representative. I won’t bore you with the details, but it took about 2 hours and I had to make some changes to forms on the spot. If you get a cranky ABC rep., they might tell you to make another appointment (two weeks down the line) because you checked the wrong box or you didn’t draw your premises correctly. My ABC rep was very nice and waited for me while I made a few changes.

She gave me a Notice to Sell Alcoholic Beverages, which I posted on my door on 5/31/07. I can take it down after 31 days.

My license can’t be issued until 31 days after I filed, but it usually takes 60-90 days to have the license issued. Here’s my ABC license info:

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