A Look Back on June, Fruited Beer Month

Our very own Tasting Room now has official themed months! This means each month we’ll be focusing on a particular beer genre with special events, tappings, archive keg releases, educational activities, new beer debuts, unique casks, randalls, flights and more.

Our first themed month focused on Fruited Beer for all of June. While we love our beers as they are, we came up with some great randalls that you guys helped us pick out. We brought out a good amount of archived beers and one-offs, like ISO:FT and ORB, and we had some great new beer releases for Society members. Read on for a review of what we were up to in June.

June 6: Something Old, Something New flight with ISO:FT (Marrón Acidifié, our sour brown with Cigar City fermented with Florida & California fruits, pink guava and dates), Sans Pagaie (our sour blonde aged in oak with cherries added), Filmishmish (our sour barrel aged blonde with apricots added) and Hottenroth (our Berliner Weisse) on a peach + plum + apricot randall.

June 10: Sour in the Rye on Kumquats released on draft plus Sour in the Rye on Peaches on draft for Society members.

June 12: Trade Winds, our Belgian-style tripel with Thai basil and ride, on a fruited randall of your choice. The winner was grapefruit seconded by coconut, beating out pineapple, Thai chili and basil.

June 15: Archive draft tapping of Ichigo Highway, our sour red ale aged in red wine barrels with strawberries added

June 17: Beauregarde, our sour blonde with blueberries, released on draft for Society members

June 19: Spectrum of Fruits flight with Burly Gourd, Otiose, ISO:FT and Five Golden Rings on a randall of your choice. The winner was passionfruit + orange + guava, seconded by dried cherries, beating out coconut, lychee, rum-soaked raisins, and mango. We ended up putting this beer on papaya + orange + guava since we had trouble finding fresh passionfruit, but this was one of our fruitiest randalls we’ve done, so thanks for weighing in!

June 24: Mash (our barrel aged barleywine) and Mash & Grind (Mash with Portola coffee added) released on draft for Society members.

June 25: Archive draft tapping of ORB, our dark sour with raspberry and cocoa nibs added.

June 26: Hottenroth, our Berliner Weisse, on a fruited randall of your choice. The choices are mango, tamarind, strawberry + kiwi, fresh berry mix or pomegranate and we’ll be closing off the voting tonight! You can vote here before 6 PM on Monday

June 27: Archive draft tapping of Washington OC, our Belgian-style quadrupel with plums added.

And in the spirit of all things fruit, we were lucky enough to have Miss Evan Kleinman stop by with some tasty raspberry and peach pies. But that’s not all she was up to … more on that later.

You can make your own flights with our fruit beers that are currently available online at The Bruery Store. Sans Pagaie is available to the public at our online store while Beauregarde, Sour in the Rye with Kumquats, Mash, and Mash & Grind are available for Society members. We can ship to anywhere in CA.

We’ll be announcing the month of July’s theme at the end of this week and posting our events for that theme on the Tasting Room’s Facebook events page. If you’d like to be in the know about all happenings at The Tasting Room, you can sign up for our Tasting Room newsletter here, follow us on The Bruery Tasting Room’s Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram.

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