2nd Annual Halloween Party!

Black Tuesday is behind us, and now it’s back to business at The Bruery! 

This Saturday, we’ll be holding our 2nd annual Halloween party at the Tasting Room beginning at 4 pm.  Come prepared to enjoy a spooky setting, some diabolical drinks, and a gaggle of ghoulish games.  And yes, I do speak that way on a regular basis.      

 We even picked up a 140 lb pumpkin, and you can expect that to be carved and filled with a bewitching beer for your enjoyment.  Patrick and Travis even have a little something special brewing this week for the big night that we’ll be serving if you’re adventurous enough to try it.

 You’ll have your shot at winning our annual costume contest by coming up with the coolest, creepiest, funniest, most creative get-up you can conjure up!  We’ll be dressing up too, so you’ll get to see your favorite Bruery staff members all dolled up for the second time this week. 

 Finally, bottles of White Oak went on sale during Black Tuesday so you’ll be able to purchase those for the first time at the Tasting Room this weekend.

We’re really looking forward to it, and hope to see you there!

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