10 Tips for Better Craft Beer Videos

For our last how to guide we’re taking a look at craft beer videos. Our marketing team of Ben and Cambria have watched videos aplenty and taken some notes on things we saw that were working for the better out there. Here are Benbria’s top tips for those of you looking to get some facetime out there.

Keep it short

Around two minutes should be plenty of time to say what you need to say before losing people’s attention.

Do your research

Know what you’re drinking ahead of time. Anyone can read a label on the spot, but bringing your knowledge to the table makes for a more enriching video.

Make it unique

You’re a unique person, so make it your own. Are you the girl who does reviews from her rocking chair on the porch? The guy who reviews beers in clown attire? (Not sure why that hasn’t happened yet … )

Use some decent equipment

Technology is cheaper than ever before. A nice little mic kit and a great camera might not set you back as much as you’d think. We love our Canon Vixia HD video camera — the price was perfect, it’s super small, and the quality has been awesome so far.

Define your audience

Who are you talking to? The content you’ll decide to address depends on who you’re targeting. Super geeks won’t need to know what a hop is and super noobs aren’t likely to be talking IBUs and gravities.

Speak up!

You’re not on the couch with your buddies, so let’s make sure everyone can hear you. Sure, you learned this during your 4th grade book report, but the quiet mumbling is all too easy to slip into without even realizing it.

Provide something of value

What’s your viewer going to take away from this video? Even simple things like price, where to buy the beer, or some background information on the brewery provide some more value than having to watch you sip that beer on camera without us beside you to enjoy it! Speaking of this, this year’s edition of White Oak will be hitting store shelves in March!

Stay on topic

Have a cheat sheet so you stay on point. It’s easy to go off on a tangent, like a tangent about Ben’s awesome hoodie or how we got that shot at the end of this video. Sometimes we use a giant whiteboard as a makeshift teleprompter behind our camera.

Keep it simple

Unless you’re hosting a TED talk or a documentary for me to stream on Netflix, this is a video going on the internet, where we’re constantly bombarded by distractions (like the real work you’re supposed to be doing instead of surfing the internet).

Have fun

We might not need to tell you this, but hey, it’s just beer at the end of the day. Even we forget this one sometimes, so take a breath (maybe a sip of beer too) and remember this final tip.

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