Affogetaboutit 3-Pack

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

Affogetaboutit 3-Pack

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
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Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with coffee, vanilla beans, and milk sugar

Black Tuesday meets affogato: a love story. This creamy bourbon barrel-aged small-batch release was treated with coffee from our friends at Mostra Coffee along with Tahitian vanilla beans and milk sugar for a decadent spin on the caffeinated dessert. Whether enjoyed on a brisk night in Rome or in your living room with friends, Affogetaboutit is the ultimate nightcap. Just one more reason to love Tuesdays. This well-deserved nightcap is best paired with a juicy Tuscan steak, grilled zucchini, and slightly-melted gorgonzola.

  • 3 x 375-ml. Bottles
  • Access Level: Hoarders, Reserve, Preservation


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