Amarillo By Morning

September 2020

Amarillo By Morning

September 2020
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Hops: 100% Fresh Amarillo
Malts: 2 Row, Munich, Wheat, Carafoam
Yeast: Cali
ABV: 6.5% 

We partnered with our friends at Crosby Hops in Oregon to overnight a shipment of freshly picked Amarillo hops to craft our first ever fresh hopped beer: Amarillo by Morning. Our team then hand processed the hops and added them straight to the brew. 

Amarillo by Morning is clear and crisp allowing the delicate fresh hop qualities to shine through. Classic aromas of floral and citrus notes first hit the nose and the palate is treated to a cocktail of lemon peel and grapefruit with a tropical twist at the finish. You’ll want to make sure to strap your boots on proper for this one.

  • 4-Pack of 16oz. Cans
  • Not available for cellaring
  • Pickup Deadline 10.4


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