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  1. Sensory School: The Path to Becoming a Beer Judge

    Once you have a full understanding of how to taste beer, you might want to take your knowledge a bit further ... far enough to become a beer judge! To guide you through that process one of our brewers, who just so happens to also be one of our resident BJCP judges, has some tips on how to reach that goal.So you would like to be a beer judge? Free beer and all that is asked for in return is some feedback on the beverage! We must first acquire the necessary knowledge and practice our sensory evaluation skills and corresponding vocabulary. How do we get started on this sensory evaluation filled adventure? What separates a beer judge from the random craft beer geek at the tasting room?Luckily getting started on the path to becoming a beer judge is relatively easy,…
  2. 10 Steps to Even Better Beer Blogging

    Since you've become a sensory pro, it might be time to refocus your writing skills, or think about starting your own beer-related blog. We've seen some great young and older blogs out there, and done a fair amount of blogging ourselves. We've compiled 10 expert tips on how to strengthen your beer writing skills, whether you're doing beer reviews, tastings, news, or just blogging for fun.Onward to Number 1.Determine your own, distinct voice.Nobody is cut from the same cloth, and only you have your bag of experiences to draw from in life. We don't have to tell you how special of an individual you are (you already know that!), but do keep in mind that there are approximately a zillion-point-eight blogs out there, which includes more beer blogs than ever before. Think hard about what you do differently than everyone…


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