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  1. Expansion Update 2: Clarified, But Never Filtered Craft Beer

    Last week we announced a brand new Kosme bottling line is coming our way this year. This week we're proud to announce we'll also be adding the world's best separator to our brewery in 2014!The Bruery has always made living beer that is unfiltered and unpasteurized. The choice to do this has lead to some speed bumps along the way.  Up til now, we age completely finished beer cold for an extended period of time to help the flocculation process.  While having a small amount of yeast and bottle conditioning improve beer quality, excess yeast can cause stability issues, such as autolysis, and will result in unwanted haze. Living beer is much more temperamental than filtered (and less flavorful) beer. Transportation, temperature fluctuation, and storage conditions can damage product more quickly than other beers that have been unnaturally treated to…


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