Society memberships are, and have always been at the core of our brewery, so our mission for 2020 was to add as much value as we possibly could.  This year we're excited to offer more experiences, more beer, and the most value possible in every way, creating a world class experience for this incredible group of beer enthusiasts. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to experiencing all of The Bruery's creations in 2020 with you, whether it's new beers, re-brews, or the combination of those with great food and company.

Please note that space is limited and we encourage you to sign up quickly. Current Reserve Society members are guaranteed renewals for 2020 through September 19th. On September 20th, Preservation Society members get first access to any spots that are left. If any spots remain, open enrollment begins on October 4th.


  • Join for $300 per year
  • Pick your choice of The Bruery only, The Bruery
    Terreux only, or a mix of both
  • Pickup available at our locations in Placentia, CA or
    Washington D.C. near Union Market
  • Shipping available within CA for additional charge
  • Enjoy your new member benefits on January 1st!



  • Society Welcome Weekend
  • Society Member Mondays
  • 12th Anniversary Festival
  • Black Tuesday Blending Session
  • Black Tuesday Weekend events
  • Plus more experiences like Society brunches, dinners and more


Beer is part science and part art.  This list is what we plan to release but all dates and beers are subject to change.  Every beer to be available for purchase outside of your included bottles (regardless of which Reserve group you select), but this is also subject to change based on availability.


Here are a few other beers we plan to release with exclusive or first access guaranteed to Society members.  Again, all beers are planned but subject to change.

In addition to beers, Society Members get exclusive access to these events and experiences.

Sign up to be the first in line when

enrollment opens to the public.

  • Taste new beers at Society Member
    Monday before they are released
  • Society exclusive 24 hour priority-access to Small
    One-ders and Bruesicle releases at all locations
  • Minimum 1 included bottle planned per month


  • Over $425 value in beer
  • Minimum 15 included bottles depending on your beer preference
  • 15% off all online and in-store beer and merch purchases
  • Access to Society exclusive events
  • Priority access to ALL ticketed The Bruery events
  • Welcome gift of insulated tote bag + 4 tasting snifters
  • Access to over 40 Society exclusive beers
  • Access to over 100 total beers for 2020
  • Access to Society exclusive merchandise throughout the year
  • Extend your Reserve Society benefits in the Tasting Rooms
    to one friend via your Guest Access Card
  • Access to Reserve Society exclusive pours, growler fills,
    and crowler fills at all The Bruery locations
  • Up to 14 month of complimentary cellar storage (through 2/28/21)
Exciting releases for the 2020 Reserve Society from The Bruery.
Tentative release calendar for the 2020 Reserve Society from The Bruery.