Love Bites (DC)

Barrel-Aged Pastry Stout

Love Bites (DC)

Barrel-Aged Pastry Stout
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Imperial stout with strawberry and cacao nibs

This delectable release features a blend of our signature bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts with our fresh pastry stout base, brewed with Belize-grown cacao nibs and LOADS of juicy strawberries. Pouring a creamy deep black, Love Bites immediately engulfs the nose with ripe berry aromas followed by rich cacao. This leads to a decadent palate comprised of bold chocolate notes rounded out with sweet jammy strawberry, bright berry, a subtle dry roast, and hints of cherry, fig and fruit leather. Mildly sweet, with a viscous full body, Love Bites is a chocolate covered strawberry in a can. 

  • 16oz. Can



Love Bites

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