Keeping Memories (Equilibrium Brewery)

Mixed Culture Ale

Keeping Memories (Equilibrium Brewery)

Mixed Culture Ale

Mixed Ferm Farmhouse Ale

Pulled from our Keeping Memories foeder and then bottle conditioned with organic honey. Pours a bright straw yellow with aromas of bright lemon, spring flowers, ginger, lavender bushes, honeysuckle, pleasant funk, and a soft touch of vanilla.  The taste is complex and features notes of tart lemon, grassy fields, and a layered and perfectly balanced honey backbone to complement the bright notes. This beer shines while having a balanced acidity with a creamy mouthfeel and a dry finish that is deeply satisfying.

  • 750mL Bottle


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4.3 on
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Creamy sexy juicy hazy, Boom!👊🍻

Johnny W.


Sometimes I wonder if I should stop chasing new hazies and just stick with this.

Drakos M.


Soft juicy stone fruits, super smooth with a light bitter finish. It's not gonna last long

Simon P.


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