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The Beer

Black Tuesday is more than just an incredibly delicious, complex, extravagant barrel-aged imperial stout. It's innovation and passion in a bottle; it's expertise and years of experience in liquid form; it's the very foundation of who we are at The Bruery – never satisfied with "good enough" and always on the hunt for something more.

Black Tuesday (2022) in 750mL bottle and 16oz can format

Black Tuesday (2022)

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout ∙ 19.7% Alc. by Vol.

About the beer

Elegantly innovative and uniquely complex, Black Tuesday has come to be synonymous with the cream of the crop when it comes to barrel-aged imperial stouts. After aging in choice bourbon barrels for over a year, this imperial stout has a complexity and flavor profile all its own. Distinct notes of crème brûlée and poached fig are interlaced with hints of malted milk balls and Australian licorice. Cheers to Tuesdays!

Tasting Notes

Pouring a rich jet black with a thick, quickly-dissolving frothy head, Black Tuesday is as decadent as ever with rich notes of dark fruit, complimented by bittersweet chocolate, smooth vanilla, and crisp coconut gained from time in bourbon barrels. The palate is greeted with hints of molasses and caramelized sugars balanced with oak lactones and medium roast coffee with a warm booziness on the finish.

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Black Tuesday Blender's Choice

Black Tuesday Blender's Choice

Blended Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout ∙ 19.9% Alc. by Vol.

About the beer

Every great beer has a story, and this is no exception: years ago, our Bruers acquired several specialty bourbon barrels with dreams of a unique, high-end blend of Black Tuesday. This blend of barrels from more than six premium distilleries was carefully crafted from only the most exceptional barrels. Aptly named “Blender’s Choice” in recognition of our expertise and passion for the art of barrel-aging, this hand-selected blend is truly top-shelf worthy.

Tasting Notes

Blended to taste, Black Tuesday Blender's Choice is every bit as decadent and complex as you'd expect. Heavy oak notes with hints of ashy char and tobacco blend effortlessly with smooth spirit character. Enjoy notes of light maple syrup and vanilla mingling with hints of honeysuckle and stewed apples. Dark roast coffee and baker's chocolate linger on the finish of this indulgent treat.

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Black Tuesday Small-Batch Collection: Affogetaboutit, Brueonico, Tre Fette, Peaches en Ruegalia

Small-Batch Black Tuesday Collection (2022)

Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts ∙ 4 styles ∙ 12 bottles

About the collection

Tradition and innovation, hand in hand. For the fourth annual release of our Small-Batch Black Tuesday Collection, we continued our tradition of treating our iconic Black Tuesday in innovative, unique, and delicious new ways.

This year’s collection is something of a journey— from Mexico with the street treat-inspired Brueonico to the Southern USA with Peaches en Ruegalia, based on your grandma’s peach cobbler; and Italy with both Tre Fette and Affogetaboutit, two dessert-worthy sippers. We crafted this entire collection with love and expertise, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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The Dinner

This one's for you, Hoarders. On Black Tuesday itself, we're hosting the culinary experience of the year, exclusively for our Hoarders Society Members. Join us on October 25, 2022 at Detention in downtown Santa Ana for an elegant, roaring 20's dinner fit for royalty. Dress up in your 20's-themed best and celebrate the night away with us.

October 25, 2022

Detention, Santa Ana

5:30–8:30 PM

Join us for the culinary event of the year. This Supper Club-esque, multi-course dinner with guided tastings is shaping up to be an unforgettable night. We're working closely with the Detention team to craft a specially-curated menu and pairings to perfectly play off of each incredible flavor.

This 3-course meal will have 2–3 incredible dishes per course plus dessert, with a hand-selected beer pairing to bring out the best of the best flavors in each course. Your ticket includes your meal, included beer pairings, and additional surprise pours and treats.

Schedule: 5:30–6:30pm Welcome Reception, 6:30–8:30pm Dinner

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The Party

We've missed throwing events for you! We're thrilled to gather together once again in celebration of our favorite release of the year. Coast to coast, we've got you covered. With unlimited pours, dozens of Black Tuesday variants, and of course, all our closest friends (that's you!), we think these roarin' parties are going to be some of our best yet.


October 29, 2022

The Bruery Tasting Room

12pm, 4pm, & 8pm

'Tis the season— Black Tuesday season, that is. Join us for our California Black Tuesday Release Party on Saturday, October 29, 2022 at one of three 2 ½ hour sessions for a party to match the decadence that is Black Tuesday. Your ticket includes unlimited pours of 25+ Black Tuesday variants and vintages, some made exclusively for this event and some early releases that won't be available outside of the party until later in the year, as well as some lighter-drinking options to keep you going all night long. Food will be available for purchase on site, and we have more surprises to come. Dress in your Roaring 20's best and we'll see you there!

Beer menu highlights: Red Wine Barrel-Aged Black Tuesday (2022), PB & Jelly Thursday (2022), Black Tuesday: Strawberry Hotcakes, Maple Barrel-Aged Black Tuesday: Chocolate Chip Pancake, and so. much. more.
Food trucks available: Cajun Craze, El Cubano, & The Tropic Truck

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Washington, D.C.

October 13, 2022

Roofers Union


The west coast can't have all the fun. Join us for our D.C. Black Tuesday Release Party on Thursday, October 13, 2022 for a party to match the decadence that is Black Tuesday. Your ticket includes unlimited pours of a dozen Black Tuesday variants and vintages, some made exclusively for this event and some early releases that won't be available outside of the party until later in the year, and some lighter-drinking options to keep the party going all night long. Food will be included, and we have more surprises to come. Dress in your Roaring 20's best and we'll see you there!

Beer menu highlights: Black Tuesday Reserve (2021), Black Tuesday: Tre Fette, Black Tuesday: Dirty Masala Chai, Liz Rutherford, and so. much. more.
Food menu highlights: Grilled Steak Skewers, Honey Sriracha Wings, Dark Chocolate Pot de Creme, and more unlimited bites.

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The Week

One day is certainly not enough for our beloved Black Tuesday. In fact, with 2022's Siesta Saturday release, the Week is finally complete, so we're celebrating the best way we know how— with one excellent beer for each day of the week. Come by The Bruery Tasting Room in Placentia, CA for each of these days for more chances to win some exceptional prizes and experiences.

A Week of Tuesdays



October 23, 2022

Archive pours of Sundae Sunday


October 24, 2022

Archive pours of Grey Monday


October 25, 2022

Archive pours of Black Tuesday


October 26, 2022

Archive pours of Mocha Wednesday


October 27, 2022

Archive pours of PB & Jelly Thursday


October 28, 2022

Archive pours of Aloha Friday


October 29, 2022

Black Tuesday Release Party with 25+ pours

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