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Black Tuesday was crafted to stand the test of time— to evolve, develop, and mature. One could even say that Tuesdays are Timeless. Aged in choice bourbon barrels for over a year, developing complexity and flavors like nothing you’ve tasted before. Roaring notes of crème brûlée, and poached fig are interlaced with hints of malted milk balls and Australian licorice— dancing into a decadent, sophisticated fusion that’s fit to claim its own day of the week. This monstrous release only comes around once a year, and it doesn't last long.

2021 Release Details

Public Access


Tuesday, October 26th, 2021


Exclusively on and in our Tasting Rooms

What people are saying

"This is great. It doesn't taste like it's too much, but every sip tatses like a full gulp. So much flavour. Only love."
- Julien on Untappd

"Amazing as always! The ultimate fire pit share beer."
- Dave C. on Untappd

"No filter needed. This beer kicks ass!!"
- Ryan A. on Untappd

"Good stuff. Drinking a few good ones to celebrate the impending arrival of baby Gregg!"
- Dave on Untappd

The History of Black Tuesday

"Yesterday was our toughest brewing day yet. It was a day where nothing seemed to go right, and with brewing, you can’t stop what you’re doing and come back on another day.

"I arrived at 4:30 in the morning and started mashing in. The batch was our imperial stout, which consists of 2,500 lbs. of grain (our typical batches are in the 1,000 lbs. range), several different types of sugar, a long boil, and usually another batch from the second runnings. While I was mashing in, I was milling because our grist case only holds 1,000 lbs. Ben (our part-time brewing assistant) showed up at 7:00 and mashed in the other half of the batch. Mashing in took a little over 3 hours, but it went smoothly.

"I then went to recirculate the mash, and Ben discovered the pump was leaking. I tightened the connection between the pump head and the motor, which resulted in bending the pump bracket and increasing the leak. Meanwhile, a few people showed up to visit. I forgot that the sparge was running, and the mash tun started to overflow from the top. I started to hook up our grant to another pump, and then after ten minutes of trying to rig something together, I decided to backtrack and use the leaking pump anyway. It’s about 10 AM now. To this point, the day had been hectic but tolerable."

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Patrick Rue
July 2, 2008

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