Amelia, 4th Birthday (Schramm's)

Amelia, 4th Birthday (Schramm's)


Melomel with loganberries

Amelia is Shramm's loganberry mead, and the newest addition to the Schramm family roster. In the early 1880’s Santa Cruz fruit breeder James Harvey Logan interbred Aughinbaugh blackberries with Red Antwerp raspberries, and the loganberry was born. Over a century later, in 2016, so was Amelia Schramm Naeger. Deep red in color, this melomel lets the bright tartness and natural acidity of the berries shine through, expertly balanced by Orange Blossom honey sweetness. Like this mead’s namesake, Amelia is expected to develop and mature for many years. 14% ABV

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