Pictures I Should Have Posted But Now It’s Too Late

I was looking through my iPhoto collection (I’m a Mac guy) and saw a bunch of pictures I meant to publish here over the last month, but never got around to it.

The tap room at Great Divide Brewery in Denver
A view of Great Divides’ brewhouse from the tap room

Flying Dog Brewery in Denver
Oak foundres for aging of La Folie and other funky New Belgium beers. Anyone know where I can find one or two of these?
Rachel in front of Brewhouse #2 at New Belgium in Ft. Collins

The new bottling line at New Belgium.  This shot is really bad, but this place was amazing.  The line is fully automated, a full pallet of beer is packed every 2-3 minutes.  Definitely the pride and joy for the people at New Belgium.

On top of New Belgium’s fermenters. It is pretty freakin high up here.

Rachel stayed on the smaller fermenters. I didn’t blame her, but I had to man up and keep going.

New Belgium’s offices / tasting room
Rachel at the GABF hall before the action started for the day.

A crappy shot of Logan’s pre-GABF party.  This was a lot of fun, a huge variety of rare beers and some crazy art placed throughout the party

A few days after we got home, the fire started.  It got a few hundred yards from our house (this photo taken from our home), but luckily it didn’t get past the fire station on Portola. 

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