Coming up with a name

The name of the brewery (“The Bruery”) is not exactly self explanatory, but it might as well be. My last name is Rue, and I wanted a name that is distinctive, hard to forget, but still simple. So I incorporated “Rue” into “Brewery”, and came up with “Bruery”. It doesn’t sound right without “The” in front of it, so it’s “The Bruery”. Wish I had a better story to share, but that’s it! When I was homebrewing, my home brewery was named “The Bruery”. It sounded odd at first, but it grew on me. I don’t think I could call my craft brewery anything else.

As for how it’s pronounced, I pronounce it like it reads (brew-ry), not like brew-ery. I don’t really care how you pronounce it though, as long as you enjoy the beer.

The names of my beers won’t follow this model of naming. I want them to have their own identity, but also be recognizable as a product of The Bruery.

Enough of this for now. Thanks for reading, by the way.

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