Born from arguably the most miserable day in the history of The Bruery, Black Tuesday quickly became legend and lore in the craft beer community. A 16 hour brew-day, overflowing mash, burns from scalding water and frustration resulted in the base for this now legendary Imperial Stout. Founder Patrick Rue was so angry with the beer that he condemned it to Bourbon Barrels for a year. The Result? The most decadent of ales, developing deep, warming notes of vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, bourbon, dark fruit and singed oak.  See our mini-documentary on the history of Black Tuesday here.


Black Tuesday paved the way for high abv. barrel-aged stouts. This monster of a stout will change the way you think about beer...and it's only available once a year. Notes of vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate and singed oak bless your taste-buds. Bourbon, chocolate and roasty notes on the nose roll together to create a decadent, sophisticated fusion that’s fit to claim its own day of the week. Experience Black Tuesday.

The only way to guarantee you get a bottle of Black Tuesday is to join one of our societies. In addition to members-only beers, incredible discounts and exclusive access - Preservation Society Members and Reserve Society Members are guaranteed bottles of Black Tuesday.  


• Sale Starts October 1st

• CA Black Tuesday Party and Attendee Pickup on October 30th

• Non-attendee pick-up and shipping begins October 31st

• DC Black Tuesday Party and Attendee Pickup on October. 30th


• Sale Begins October 30th at 10 am

• 6 Bottle Limit / $29.99 per bottle 

• Shipping in CA begins November 12

• Pick-up from Orange County Begins November 12 

• Pick-up at DC Store Location begins November 13

• Available for purchase and tasting at our Tasting Rooms October 30st. 

Like No Other

The Beer From Hell 

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