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You Know What Time It Is!

Our friends at The Full Pint have been leaders in craft beer news, reviews and advocacy in the digital space for a decade. As the mouthpiece for a generation of fans, we felt it was only appropriate to collaborate with The Full Pint Team and give everyone else something to talk about and sink their teeth into. This 10 year anniversary salute is like dipping a PB&J sandwich in caramel sauce and washing it down with a glass of bourbon. Taking some of our richest, most malt-forward bourbon barrel-aged beers, we wove in ribbons of peanut butter character and boysenberry jam to bring this limited edition beer full circle.


Bourbon Barrel Aged
beers brewed with fruit
Society Beers
Special Ingredients

Brew Info

  • ABV:15.1%
  • SRM:0
  • Release:2017


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