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S’more BBLs

S’more BBLs is the next up in the BBLs lineage. This member-exclusive beer is one of the world’s highest ABV sour beers; and was conceptualized as a Bruery Terreux homage to our tradition of brewing high gravity, barrel-aged stouts. This big, viscous sour beer is a carefully crafted blend of Tart of Darkness & Black Tuesday, aged with marshmallow, graham crackers, cacao nib, and vanilla. Inspired by the the flavors of the gooey, decadent campfire dessert with which it shares its name. One sip will have you asking for… s’more.


Sour Beer
Reserve Society Exclusive
Hoarders Society Exclusive
Society Beers
beers brewed with cacao nibs

Awards & Scores

Brew Info

  • ABV:16.2%
  • SRM:0
  • Release:2019


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