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Salt Of The Earth

Salt of the Earth is our play on a gose. Not to be confused with a gueze, the gose style originated in Leipzig, Germany. It is a wheat beer traditionally brewed with salt and coriander as well as lactic bacteria. Clearly not following the Reinheitsgebot, we figured we’d knock it up a level by using an addition of truffle salt in our gose, adding an earthy and funky element to the aroma and flavor certain to tantalize all of the foodies out there.

Food Pairing

Rock shrimp and clam dumplings, roasted sunchokes and carrots, coriander spätzel.


Preservation Series
german style beers
Retired Beers
beers brewed with herbs & spices
orange county only

Awards & Scores

  • Beer Advocate Rating - 78
  • Ratebeer Overall Rating - 65

Brew Info

  • ABV:5%
  • SRM:4
  • Release:2011


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